Our Story

A Fond du Lac tradition since 1969.

Welcome to Bob’s Pizza, home of Fond du Lac’s favorite pizza!

We are committed to providing the highest quality pizza around and preserving the delectable legacy earned over the past 50 years.

In addition to our delivery, pick-up and take-and-bake options, our pizzas are also available at a variety of locations throughout the community. Be sure to stock your freezer with Bob’s Pizza from your local grocery store. Ask your favorite neighborhood tavern if they serve Bob’s Pizza, and if they don’t, go ahead and recommend that they do!

We want to thank all our loyal customers and are looking forward to meeting new customers eager to experience Bob’s Pizza for the first time.

— Steve & Jeff Korneli

A Big Order for 2021

This is an exciting year for Bob’s Pizza. We are expanding to a second location on the south side of Fond du Lac — right back to where the Korneli family started out in the business world.

This new restaurant and frozen pizza facility, found at 689 Fond du lac Ave., will offer a sit-down restaurant, cocktail lounge, specialty coffee house, game room for kids, drive-thru pick-up window and outdoor seating in summer. It will also support additional frozen-pizza production to keep pace with growing wholesale demands. A brand-new frozen pizza delivery van will be put into use to expand the service area.

We credit this expansion to our hardworking and dedicated staff—and you! Thanks for everything you do to help keep Bob’s Pizza a cut above the rest!

A Slice of Local History

Bob Gerbing founded Bob’s Pizza in 1969. He got his start as a teenager in the 1950s when he delivered pizza for Ray Armstrong, owner of the Pizza Palace at 107 N. Main St. in Fond du Lac.

Bob purchased the Pizza Palace and continued to operate at that location, renaming it Bob’s Pizza. Along with the sale of the space, Bob bought the delicious pizza recipe that the Pizza Palace was known for. After making few adjustments, Bob’s pizza became the pizza people in Fond du Lac and the surrounding areas have come to know and love for more than 50 years!

In 1975, the building at 25 Merrill Ave. was purchased and still houses the business today.

Through the years, Bob’s wife and other family members helped run the business. In March 2017, former employee John Potter purchased the business from the Gerbing Family and ran it for a year.

On March 23, 2018, the Korneli brothers—Jeff and Steve—purchased Bob’s Pizza. With the help of General Manager Ray Kautz; Tina Coder, the new business development manager; and the unbelievably dedicated staff of Bob’s Pizza, they uphold the legacy of this long-lasting, mouth-watering business.

The Taste of Controversy

The Korneli family has been a fixture in the Fond du Lac business community since the 1970s, when the Korneli brothers’ parents, Norman and Sharon, purchased and operated a well-known liquor business on Fond du lac Avenue. This is where the brothers learned the importance of customer service, hard work and the entrepreneurial spirit.

However, the Korneli brothers’ acquisition of Bob’s Pizza raised major concerns in the community because Fond du Lac residents feared the new owners would change the way the much-loved pizza was made, perhaps altering the famous sauce or cracker-crisp crust.

Fortunately, the Korneli brother’s top priority was to maintain the pizza as it had been for more than 50 years. The same ingredients—from the hand-ground mozzarella cheese to the fresh tomato sauce to the fresh sausage and oregano—and handmade crusts are still used today.

Getting More of a Good Thing

While Bob’s Pizza was primarily known for delivery and pickup, the Korneli brothers decided early on to expand the business to other markets, such as take-and-bake and frozen pizzas. Bob’s Pizza is now sold in Wisconsin’s major grocery store chains, including Pick ’n Save, Festival Foods and Piggly Wiggly. You can also find our pizzas in convenience stores, restaurants and taverns throughout the Fond du Lac area.

Order up!